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Available Services

Here are a few examples of what SmartMine has to offer

Image Restoration

Computer Vision

Bring old photos back to life with an A.I. model that removes scratches and damage to photos.

Image Deblurring / Sharpening

Computer Vision

Have a photo taken with a shaky camera? Use our state-of-the-art A.I. models to sharpen the image, removing motion blur, fogginess and other kinds of distortion.



Computer Vision

Ever found an image you wanted to use but it was too low resolution? A.I. Super Resolution will increase your image dimensions by 2X, 4X or 8X using a model trained on millions of images.


Speech Recognition

Generate an SRT subtitle file for any video file. Select which language is being spoken, and what language the subtitles should be translated into. The system can even differentiate between multiple speakers and label them appropriately.

Why Use SmartMine?

State-of-the-Art Models

Get the best performance as all our services are built by A.I. experts

User Friendly

Intuitive design with user experience in mind

Fast Results

Our models are run on powerful GPUs



Your privacy matters to us

We Only Store What is Necessary

We only collect data that is essential to provide you with our core services and retain it for as short a time as possible. Only you can view your personal usage statistics, such as how many images you have processed etc.

We Don't Sell Your Data

None of your data is shared with or sold with third parties. In fact, we don't even keep it ourselves any longer than we absolutely have to. We operate independently and have no obligation to share anything with any other entity.

Privacy Policy in Plain English

We believe everyone should be able to understand how their data is treated and stored, without having to hire a lawyer to decifer all the legal jargon. This is why our privacy policy is short and easy to understand.